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A DIY at-home Cake Smash!

A DIY at-home Cake Smash!

October 13, 2020

Before little Emilia turned one next month, mum Laura booked a cake smash session to mark the special occasion!

“A cake smash is where a one-year-old gets very messy with a cake and a professional photographer captures the moment.”

Cake Smash sessions have long been a popular way of documenting a child’s first birthday and whilst they can be a little on the messy side, they are a LOT on the cute side!

As you may know, I do not (as yet) have a photography studio. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me! So after a little back and forth with Laura, I set to making myself a ‘pop-up’ home studio using a large roll of white paper (to protect the floors) and a large white bed sheet to act as my backdrop and before you know it, I was ready for all the cake this little one could throw at me!

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For at-home sessions, I always follow the rule; less = more! So if you’re trying this at home, don’t sweat the small stuff and keep it minimal!
For starters, you’ll want to consider the light. So pick a room that has the most natural light available. That could be by a large window or a garden entryway for example.
Next, you’ll want to set your scene, so again – less is more! I chose to create a backdrop using a white sheet, simply because I was working in a relatively small room and didn’t have the ability to move furniture out of view. So by clipping up this sheet, I was able to create a clean space for my subject, little Emilia, to sit in front of.

The make-shift flooring is also not essential but it did make clean-up extremely quick and easy!
Once we were finished, I simply pulled up the paper, threw away the sections that were covered in cake and saved the rest for my Nieces and Nephews to use as drawing paper!

Click here for the link to my DIY Cake Smash Amazon shopping list!

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For further details or to book your very own cake smash session, simply get in touch for a copy of my investment guide!

Supplier Links:

– Photography: Lori Young Photography
– Cake Stand: Party Pieces Co
– Cake Topper: Birch and Tides
– Cake: Baked by Nicky
– Outfit 1 & 3 (Blue & White Romper): A Material Girl
– Outfit 2 (Pink Bloomers): Evie et al

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