As a family and wedding photographer, my work takes me all across the country - whatever the weather - to capture blossoming love stories and organic, heartfelt family connections.
I strongly believe that an image is only as beautiful as the memory behind it. Which is why, to get the very best images, I strive to become more than just a photographer to my clients. I want you to feel relaxed and at ease in my presence.
Capturing beautiful imagery is just half of my job. The other half lies in nurturing your photography experience and client journey.
When you're fully present in the moment of making memories;  that's where the magic truly happens.

Oh, hey there!
I'm Lori...

helping you create more than beautiful images

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14 countries visited

8 times i've watched gilmore girls

5 coffes daily

2 TRIPS to disneyworld

I go by she/her pronouns. I'm a Hufflepuff! Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday. I've been Vegan since May 2019. You've Got Mail is my favourite movie. I live in baggy jumpers and fluffy socks. I am obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Lattes! I have Nannied 6 children. Musical Theatre is my second love after photography (I'm a performer at heart). I have two Cats called Merlin & Wilbur. My Fiancé and I have been together since 2011 and Engaged since 2021! Aristocats, Mary Poppins and Sleeping Beauty are my all-time-favourite Disney movies. In August 2023 I took on my most important role yet - I became a Mama.

Most days - when I’m not clicking away behind the camera! - you’ll likely find me either hiding in a local cafe (in an attempt to avoid all distractions that come with working from home!) or I am pj'd up on the sofa, laptop balanced so precariously on my lap that it makes my Fiancé shake his head in disbelief every time, fluffy socks on my feet, a coffee going cold on the table (because I #MumLife!) and Gilmore Girls on the TV. Or possibly FRIENDS...

I am very much a "let's stay home" type of person (nowadays anyway. I wasn't always quite so introverted - thanks Covid!) as I like my home comforts. If it's a movie night on the sofa with wine and blankets or a night out somewhere that requires I dress in anything more than loungewear... you can bet I am choosing the movie night!

"If Mary Poppins were a photographer!"

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find out more about my signature style...

✴︎ Cosy afternoons indoors watching movies under a duvet

✴︎ Listening to the rain. But only when I am safely tucked away indoors!

✴︎ Ordering Takeaways to get out of cooking!

✴︎ Exploring new countries & cities (so far, Paris and Porto are my favourites!)

✴︎ Autumn walks (when it's not raining)

✴︎ Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte!

✴︎ Christmas decorating & wrapping presents

✴︎ Cosy jumpers & fluffy socks

✴︎ You've Got Mail! Meg Ryan can do no wrong! Along with Diane Keaton & Meryl Streep!

✴︎ Disneyworld! Aurora is my favourite princess, Mary Poppins is my favourite nanny, and Marie is my favourite cat!

✴︎ Rogers & Hammerstein musicals. Carousel & South Pacific were two of my first ever VHS videos thanks to my wonderful Grandma. That's where my love of Musical Theatre first began!

✴︎ My wonderful Fiancé, Jason. We've been together since 2011!

✴︎ My daughter, Margo. I have lost countless hours just staring at her!

✴︎ My beautiful engagement & eternity rings from Chupi!

✴︎ My cats; Merlin & Wilbur. Full names; Merlin Octavius and Wilbur Sullivan! Both furry boys are Scottish Folds (with straight ears). Their names are Disney inspired and I will be impressed if you can name all four of the movies/characters they were taken from!

✴︎ New stationery. I am a huge lover of notebooks, pens, pads... you name it!

✴︎ Soft-back books - especially if they're super floppy! I can't walk past a book shop without going in!

✴︎ Beige carbohydrates! I could honestly live on bread, pasta & potatoes!

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