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Sandy Toes! A family photoshoot at Camber Sands

September 20, 2020

I met Holly and her adorable family one weekend evening, just as the daytime visitors were packing up and heading for the car park. And I couldn’t be more thrilled with just how beautifully the photos came out!

Lori is there to catch all of the moments that I would have missed being a part of. Instead of hiding behind my iPhone, I get to be present with my children in the memory instead of watching it from the sidelines.
The moments and memories that Lori captures are so subtle and so special that you hardly realise the importance of them until you see them later, displayed in a frame in your home.
Instead of photos of me and my children that feature my husbands' horrific wonky camera skills,
the moments captured by Lori are natural and candid, and you can see everyone’s at ease - including me!
These photos in particular I will treasure for an eternity.
Every day my children change and grow and, although it breaks my heart, I love nothing more than looking back at these moments with them."

"As a mother; I spend a lot of my time hiding behind my iPhone, capturing every possible moment I can.
I can’t help it. I want these moments to look back on and to show my children when they’re older. I want to have a picture of these moments in case I ever forget the memory.
I love capturing beautiful, candid photographs of my children and their dad (that he’ll proudly display on his screensaver). But it’s always me - mum - with the phone or the camera, and rarely my husband. Something which I know other mothers will relate to. So by constantly playing at being a photographer, I miss being in the moment myself.

So I don’t think of sessions with Lori as a photo shoot. They are experiences and moments in time where I get to be with my family, and in the photos, whilst enjoying ourselves, together, in beautiful places. 

Natural. Light. Organic. Cosy.

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